Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lowongan Kerja PT. HANSA PRATAMA

PT. HANSA PRATAMA standing start in Indonesia at 1989. The company started production at 1992 and to supply all the cement companies in Indonesia at 1993.

With the motto "Quality Is Our Main Concern," the company enabling us to go through a long journey. More than 17 years, we have been trying to be the best supplier for many customers with quality products and good service.

Starting from 1991 as a metal casting company, which only the spare part companies in East Java has evolved into a company that serves the spare part companies in Indonesia, especially cement companies, almost all of Indonesia (Andalas, Padang, Baturaja, Indocement, Tonasa , Gresik, Holcim Indonesia and Tuban) and exports to Bahrain, USA, United Arab Emirates, Korea, Canada, Japan and Malaysia.
Our commitment to continuously improve the quality, dedication and stamina work, to provide high quality products and services that satisfy the customer, has lead our company to gain recognition as the various companies that could do with the difficulty factor of the high and Chemical Composition of appropriate / suitable with the necessary conditions, such as hardness and resilience to high temperatures.
Supported by a wide range of experience in the field of metal casting and Technology of Korea, then we can be sure to give a Qualified Products suitable for the progress of our business customer.

Info lowongan :

1. Mechanical Engineer
- Laki-laki
- D3 / S1 Teknik Mesin
- berpengalaman / fresh graduate

2. Electrical Engineer
- Laki-laki
- D3/ S1 Teknik Elektro
- berpengalaman / fresh graduate

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