Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lowongan Kerja Icore Inc.


ICORE and PREDICT-ITS has been exchange information on Japanese companies in the field of ICT as part of project activities for the university-industry link

Join us in Japan to touch the highest core technology

Recruit Information from Icore Inc.
Icore Inc.

1. Message to the applicants
We welcome you all, as our colleague, who challenge to the highest core technologies of ICT fields, and who have a strong will to work in Japan.
Icore Inc. is a leading software developer of ICT fields in Japan with full of ambitions and venture spirits. We are always pursuing the highest technologies in the worldwide ICT fields. We are not simply learning such highest technologies, but creating our own idea through understanding the CORE concept of such high technologies. That’s our principle. You can get challenging experience in Japan. And moreover, you can learn high quality development methodology of Japan.
Let’s join us and work together for challenging the highest technologies and for your future life.

2. Corporate Profile

  • Founded in 2002 as an ICT software development company
  • Located near Keio University, which is one of the highest universities in Japan, and promoting collaboration activity with the university.
  • Major products:
    We are always challenging the highest core technologies in ICT field, and followings are the output of our challenge.
    • Software test automation system AQTAS for the next generation mobile phone
    • Japanese E-Learning software TokkunTrainer to write and read Japanese documents
    • Software project management system Q-Pro pursuing high software quality
    • All-in-one framework for Web-DB system’ JEF
  • Started offshore software development business in 2006 under the collaboration with PENS-ITS,
  • Started the collaboration business with Testing Technologies in Germany to pursue high quality in software development.
  • Surabaya Development Center is opened in this October to enforce our development power..
  • Homepage:

3. Job description

  • Software engineer for a platform software development
    • Development of Model Driven Test Platform software
    • Experience of Java/C/C++, Linux
    • Logical thinking and attention to the quality are highly requested
  • Software engineer for development of a Web-DB application system
    • Development of business application software based on Web-DB framework.
    • Experience of Java/JSP/PHP/Perl, SQL, XML, HTML/CSS
    • Deep understanding and flexibility to customer requirements are highly requested

4. Qualifications of applicants

  • Graduates of ICT engineering university
  • High programming capability of Java/C/C++
  • Job experience on software development
  • English communication capability. Expected more than 500 of TOFEL score.
  • Younger than 30 years old
  • Japanese is not required at present, but strong will to endure our Japanese hard training is required.

5. Payments

  • Higher salary than domestic companies.
  • Bonus will be paid twice a year according to your performance, and salary will also be updated annually according to your efforts and capabilities.
  • Those who have shown their high capability have a chance to work in Japan, and can get much higher salary.

6. Life and Work

  • When employed, you will work at Surabaya Development Center to learn Japanese and advanced software development technologies, and only those who gets high achievements in Japanese and software development can go to Japan to get higher technologies.
  • In Japan, a wide and clean apartment house is provided in the suburban area of Tokyo, and you can enjoy pleasant city life of Tokyo and coastal outdoor leisure at the same time.
  • More than 20 Indonesians live near by, and will kindly take care of you, so you feel no anxiety in Japan.

7. Application

  • Please send your CV, academic certificate, TOEFL or other language certificate and other software certificates to the following e-mail address
    e-mail address:
  • Those who fulfill the requirements will be informed of the interview and test schedule

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