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Lowongan Kerja Sinar Baja Electric

Sinar Baja Electric

Established in 1981 and supported by superior Taiwanese technology, Sinar Baja Electric has been successful in producing a variety of drivers ever since. The initial production was 100,000 pcs monthly and targeting at the low-end domestic market. This capability has brought Sinar Baja Electric to be the most complete loudspeaker manufacturers in South East Asia, up till now.

In 1987, with the vision of to be the world class manufacturing class, Sinar Baja Electric began to distribute loudspeakers to OEM customer in USA. At present, Sinar Baja Electric produces a range of different models of finished loudspeakers to Europe, USA, and some Asian countries.

More on the facilities, Sinar Baja Electric is not only manufacturing its own loudspeaker, but also assisting customers with their special driver request. There are numbers of own -brand loudspeaker which have been highly regarded and recognized by local market; such as: ACR (pro audio loudspeaker), Prodigy (pro audio loudspeaker), Legacy (car audio loudspeaker), Sphinx (car audio loudspeaker), Prestige (car audio loudspeaker), Roadmaster, Salsa, Fidelity (mid end Hi Fi and karaoke loudspeaker), Pointer (multimedia loudspeaker).

As for 2006, Sinar Baja Electric officially created a joint technology with Danesian Audio™ –Denmark in designing hi-end loudspeaker drivers. As a result, until 2008 the company has obtained a patent for four international design drivers.
In 2007, Sinar Baja Electric began to manufacture pro system speaker Rhyme. At about the same time, a line of high end audio driver, SB Acoustics™, was being developed for the hi-fi audio market internationally.

Along with the increasing worldwide demand, and the aim to develop its manufacturing facilities, in 1995 Sinar Baja Electric initiated to improve R&D department with skilled resource and well-equipped international standard of technology. One of the technologies is Voice Coil Technology. Sinar Baja Electric always do continuous improvement on the process production of Voice Coil. Further, the company generates voice coil rectangular and voice coil sandwich in order to support the durability of pro loudspeaker.

In terms of maintaining the highest levels of quality control, Sinar Baja Electric Group has surpassed the requirements set by the TS 16949-1998 and ISO 9001-2000 accreditation for automotive standard. Achieving these worldwide official recognitions confirmed that the product quality, consistency, process and production capacity will be well-managed and documented. Sinar Baja Electric is dedicated to put consumer satisfaction as first priority. The company always have commitment to carry out with TS 16949-1998 certification as manufacturing quality system in order to be able to supply to whole world automotive manufacturers.


Career Challenge

  1. Production SPV (PS)
  2. QC Spv (QS)
  3. Tools Design (TD)
  4. Drafter Staff ( DS)
  5. Leader Produksi (LD)
  6. R&D Technician (RDT)
  7. Purchasing Staff (PS)
  8. Marketing Staff (MS)
  9. HRD Staff (HRD)
  10. Management Trainee (MT)

Requirement :

  1. GPA min 2.75
    (1-3) S1 Electrical / Mechanical / Industrial Engineering
    (4) D3/S1 Mechanical Engineering
    (5-6) D3 Electrical / Mechanical / Industrial Engineering
    (7) S1 Industrial Engineering
    (9) S1 Psychology / Law
    (8,10) S1 Management / Engineering
  2. Age Max. 30 years old
    (1,3-6) Male
    (2,7-10) Female / Male
  3. Speak in active English, oral and written (7)
  4. Have Professional background min. 2 years (9)
  5. Willing to work, could work underpressure, have positive attitude, loyal and responsible

Complete your resume with

  • Letter of application & curriculum vitae
  • 2 sheet of photograh (3x4 cm or 4x6 cm)
  • 1 Copy of identification (KTP/SIM)
  • 1 Copy of latest academic transcript
  • 1 Copy of KK
  • Copy of work References

Submit your complete application and bring directly to


Closing date : September 9, 2009
Schedule test : September 14, 2009 at SAC-ITS

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